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Via Aldegheri, 10 – Tel. +39 045 586 9993
Lazise (VR) – Italy


Silver jewelry and glass creations handmade by Italian artisans, original items born from passion, love and creativity

After several years as an employee I made my choice and that is to open my own business, a small shop (in Lazise, ​​on Lake Garda, which I love very much) to be able to introduce as many people as possible the “beauty of things done. by hand “that are jewels, glass objects, bags and more.

I love everything handmade because a craftsman loves to experiment, combining materials, new shapes and colors, to create original and authentic objects.

Each article created brings with it a story because it is a mix of creativity and passion from the birth of a project to the concrete realization of the object conceived.

Buying a hand-made product rewards the talent, the passion, the care that every craftsman puts into everything he does.

Each piece is UNIQUE, ORIGINAL AND EXCLUSIVE because no two are alike, they can be similar but NEVER IDENTICAL. This is the true beauty of everything that is handmade, man is not a machine and this makes each item SPECIAL.

My choice is giving me a lot of satisfaction, even if with many difficulties, but I am happy and proud of it.

Elis Lab Lazise